The rich heritage of First Presbyterian Church – Boyne City and her deep commitment to discipleship is the foundation on which we are built and which enables us to step boldly into the future.
We joyfully invite you to share your faith journey with us as we seek to open the doors of our hearts to God’s will for our lives and our community.  
Travel with us as we celebrate God’s steadfast faithfulness through worship and through our actions as we live out our faith.


First Presbyterian Church is seeking an experienced worship musician. The position requires the ability to play piano, keyboard and organ and willingness to accompany the choir as needed. Requires attendance at Sunday worship, special services such as Christmas Eve and Maundy Thursday as well as providing music for funeral, weddings, and other worship times. Choir rehearsal is Thursday at 6 p.m. The position includes two paid vacation weeks, with additional weeks to be negotiated. The position requires the ability to participate in music selection in conjunction with the pastor. Approximate commitment per week: 6-8 hours. If interested, please contact Pastor Beth at 231-582-7983 or submit a resume to FPBC Worship Musician, 401 S. Park St., Boyne City 49712.


Based on the study and program series “Enough: Discovering Joy Through Simplicity and Generosity” by Adam Hamilton. Statistics, quotes and general outlines are taken from that work and used with permission.
October 2:
When Dreams Become Nightmares”
We think we want to live the “American Dream,” but we see that all too often and far too easily, this dream becomes an unsustainable nightmare. That’s because it is a false promise, that money– the love of it, the protection of its bottom line– is what will make us happy and successful. We fall into a trap as individuals and as churches, buying into this worldview. There is another, competing vision out there, a different dream for us, and that is to live into God’s dream, Gods vision. This life-giving dream is to be people focused first and foremost on God, and requires a change of heart. Fortunately, when it comes to changes of heart, God happens to specialize. (1Timothy 6:6-19)
October 9
“Wisdom, Vision, and Finance”
In this sermon, we take a more practical look at some of the ways to curb our prodigal nature (our wasting and spending). But for any of these practical things to matter, we need to first know what our vision is. Like the prodigal child, when we have no sense of who we want to be, we wander aimlessly. When we have a vision– a vision for ourselves, for our communities, for our churches and organizations– then we can begin to make wise decisions, using all of the tools at our disposal, including the monetary tools, to achieve our life’s purpose. (Luke 15:11-32)
October 16
“Cultivating Contentment”
Too often, we buy into the idea that something– money, success, stuff, food, can fill the empty feeling inside us. The truth is that we will always have a sense of being incomplete without the deep peace of God, the One for whom we yearn. Perhaps our feeling of discontent can be a positive motivator, pushing us to love and serve God more. On the other hand, sometimes we also need to take stock and reflect on the things we have and who we are for which we are grateful. Only when we live with gratitude and with an knowledge of where our contentment really lies can we learn to, as Paul wrote from a hole-in-the-ground prison cell, “rejoice in the Lord always!”  (Philippians 4:4-13)
October 23
Defined by Generosity
October 30
Go Make a Difference
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